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Peter's Paving Stones Inc.
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We can offer:


- More then 30 years experience as a bricklayer.


- Installing paving stones and retaining walls systems.


- Fully licenced and insured company.


- 1 year guarantee on all materials and instalations.


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About Our Company

Peter's Paving Stones Inc. was established in 1993. Peter himself has almost 30 years experience as a bricklayer. Before started his company Peter gained experience in installing paving stones and retaining walls systems in Canada and Germany. Developing a lot into beautiful yard of your dreams requires contractors of many trades: hard landscaper (paving stones, retaining walls installer), carpenter (fences, decks), excavator, soft landscaper (dirt, sod, shrubs, trees, ponds etc.), irrigation installer, landscape designer.

Over the years Peter's Paving Stones Inc. mastered perfect cooperation and coordination with other trades. We provide world class quality of installation for paving stones and retaining walls. After our part of job is done, you will not be left alone, we will hook you up with quality contractors to finish a project or we can deal with other trades in your name. Prices for construction services in Alberta are on the rise. To cut costs the best way is to avoid middlemen.

Peter's Paving Stones Inc. is fully licenced and insured company. We provide conditional 1 year guarantee on all materials and instalations. Remember, we are #1 installer of paving stones in Edmonton.

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Please take a look at our picture gallery. These are only Peter's Paving Stones installations. This is only a small percentage of jobs completed in the past 30 years.